Promoting business success

Yulia is Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Gamification expert in Supersona Community:

Women account for 50% of the world’s population, yet are the largest minority in the Business & Governmental sectors, worldwide. Men far outnumber women in the key positions, decision making roles and, regrettably, in their paycheck for getting the same job done. The misconceptions are that “there are no suitable women candidates” or that “women are simply not interested”.

Our story begins with one remarkable woman, Hana Rado, who decided to step up and change the misconceptions. She established Supersonas, with the intention not to fight men, but rather join them. Join them in decision making, join them as board members, be selected as key note speakers and panelists in conferences, hold executive positions nationally and globally, and receive equal pay…

We launched our website on March 8th 2015 (International Women’s day).  Word spread quickly and, in a matter of months, a database of professional women from every discipline was built with a single page for each woman, portraying her expertise, her agenda and areas in which she wants to make a difference. Soon the website transformed into an active community, an innovative platform for women to connect, discuss, and step into action.

The novelty of Supersonas is based on the efficient collection of professional women in a thriving hub, “Personation”, which branches out  into additional working communities focusing on various aspects of Supersonas’ agenda. These communities create opportunities for promotion, presence and placement in influential positions and boards on a state, public, business and social scale.

Our communities are unique in being virtual-actual, framing a “work in progress” strategy to promote our agenda by tracking, taking advantage of opportunities, promoting, and making a noticeable impact in real numbers of women’s board seats and “C” level positions, nominations, public appearances and public awareness.

Today we are a national and global social business organization dedicated to paving the way for a balanced presence in influential and decision making positions.  We are impacting daily, promoting regulation and its enforcement, providing professional training and services for our growing community, fostering the next generation, raising awareness for gender equality on a national and global scale and supporting our business platform to be independent, sustainable, transformative and active worldwide.




Yulia also managed Online Training, Social Learning and Game Based Learning in Lahav Executive Education.

Lahav Executive Education of Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University, is the leading developer and provider of executive education in Israel. Lahav’s mission is to contribute to the development of organizational management resources and to talent management, as well as providing an academic home for managers for developing knowledge, skills and abilities throughout their career.

Tailor-made programs for government officials, high level executives and entrepreneurs

Effective innovation abilities, entrepreneurial mindset methodologies, and proven abilities to innovate are strategic assets any company should hold. What is even more essential is the ability to intertwine these systems and abilities into a coherent process – “intrapreneurship” – in order to create sustainable competitive advantage. The role of sound methodologies of innovation and entrepreneurship is to transform good ideas into actual products and services that will create value for the company and the society as a whole.

Lahav’s programs introduce state of the art knowledge and best practices, dealing with innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, business strategy, commercialization of knowledge and other disciplines critical to the success of leading business initiatives. Moreover, the programs augment the ties between the participants, government officials, high level executives and technological entrepreneurs, with the Israeli advanced technological industries, and the Israeli business community in general.

In the last years Lahav has been hosting delegations of high level executives, government officials and entrepreneurs from China, India, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia and more.